I wish I could say the weather has been warm and sunny this spring, but if you live in the PNW you know that it’s been a wet, cool spring so far. This week has been no exception. So puppies went outside regardless! Because puppies need to get outside to sniff, investigate, run and play….and hopefully go potty!

Oh, and just a reminder to check your yard if you live in a damper climate. While I was poop scooping the yard, I found two big mushrooms growing in the wet ground. These things need to be picked up so curious puppies don’t chew and ingest any.

Raven’s pups had fun gallivanting around the yard, exploring, investigating and having a blast.

Then I took Sally’s out, but forgot I had put the big dogs in the yard. So Sally’s crew got to explore the covered run instead since they couldn’t be out with the giants!


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