Ready to go!

Believe it or not, Sally’s puppies are ready to go home! In fact, they stayed an extra week because of the Memorial Day Holiday last weekend. And since we were gone part of the time, they got spoiled by my sister-in-law. These pups are just as sweet as their mom Sally is! And there are a couple that have a little bit of sass thrown in too!

Yesterday we made the trip to the vet for their check-ups before they head home tomorrow. They were all so good at the doctor’s office, waiting patiently and quietly in their crate as each one had their turn on the exam table.

Getting ready for a potty break

Yesterday evening they had a little trim around their eyes were the hair gets bushy, ears cleaned and toenails trimmed. Tonight they had their baths and now they are fluffy and smell oh so clean!

And tomorrow we’re up early for their next life adventure. Night all!

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