The California crew

Cami’s sweet babies are three weeks old today. They have their eyes open and are toddling around. And they were moved into their bigger home this morning. They’re still not real sure about this transition, but it won’t be long until they figure things out and starting exploring the puppy pen. And Cami will appreciate the extra room. Although she’s just as happy being out and about in the house and yard on her breaks too.

I appreciate all the input we got on Facebook, Instagram and the blog post for name suggestions. There were some really fun suggestions. As I mentioned I kind of wanted to stick with the area  the pups were born in and these were as close as I could get and still be recognized things/areas.

So here we have…

“Joaquin” (The San Joaquin Valley) Dark Apricot male “frosting” (blue collar)

2# 4 oz

“Sequoia” (The Sequoia Big Trees) Dark Apricot male (green collar)

2# 6 oz

“Sierra: (The Sierra Nevadas)Black & tan female (pink collar)

2# 6 oz

“Delta” (The San Joaquin Delta) Apricot female (purple collar)

1# 8 oz

Just a reminder we will take names of anyone from our Cavapoo waiting list that is interested in this litter up until noon on Friday, July 8th. Puppy matching day is Sunday, July 10th, but I will start reaching out on Friday afternoon after the cut off to start matching puppies. If you are on the Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being matched with a puppy from this litter please email me before the cut-off time.

Recently we’ve had some “leftover” puppies from our past few litters that were not matched with anyone from our waiting list. If that happens again we will post about it on Sunday, July 10th. So if you are not on our waiting list and interested in a puppy, please follow the blog or at least check the July 10th post as we may be taking a few application then to match any pups that still have not been matched. 

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