Do you guys remember our purebred Poodle litter we had last year from Sky and Clancy? Well, they turned a year old and I recently got an update from Scrat’s mom. Scrat was the teeniest puppy in the litter and a lot smaller than they others.

He is now 15 lbs and 15″tall!

From his mom…” Scrat is one year old! He’s happy, healthy and spoiled!

He loves to go camping and traded in his camping van for a bigger RV! He likes to look out the window when he isn’t outside playing. He wears himself out and likes to snuggle in the camper at night.

He has lots of toys at home and loves to play catch. He enjoys running around the backyard and barking at the birds, squirrels and the wind!

Thanks for wonderful dog and companion!”

And I searched back in my emails because I remembered I had gotten other updates from the brothers. (We kept the only sister, Syd who is now Summer).

This update came in about a month after the pups went home from Manny, now Simba’s dad. (There were no pictures with it).


What a great puppy!

This is our fourth Poodle and he is quite a delight. Trusting, attentive, smart, cooperative, spirited. Some of these qualities come with the Poodle breed but he seems to have been very well prepped for his transfer to our home. Potty training is going smoothly and I discovered today that he already knows how to fetch. So cool!

Thanks for all you did in his beginning weeks!”

And then I got an update from Diego’s mom in December when the litter was six months old that I don’t think I shared.


We are over the moon to have Diego in our family. I’ve attached some photos so you can see how he’s grown. He and his brother  get to see each other about once a week. He has many friends…both human and canine. He’s sweet and cuddly…and rambunctious and sometimes naughty. We just love him.

I love keeping up on you and your pups through your blog.

Happy New Year.”

We love, love, love getting updates from our puppy families! I try to share them here but if you happen to have sent an update on your Pinewood puppy and I never posted it, please shoot me an email! I read them, and “star” them to come back to later to share. But sometimes things just get busy and I never get back to share them!

Oh and here’s a quick snapshot of our shaggy, silly, sweet, playful Summer from this morning!





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    Love, love, love the pup dates!!! Thanks for sharing!

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