Recharge and rest

As most of you know we take one day off (Saturday) from doggie business each week. Of course, the dogs and animals are taken care off but we refrain from all the other aspects of the business to recharge and turn-off that part of our life for 24 hours.

Our Maker actually told us to “remember” this day and put aside regular things to spend with Him, nature and fellowship with like-minded people.

Life gets so busy, I’m so glad we have this time and the “permission” to put work away!

I spent it reading, listening to another book, going for a walk in nature, visiting my in-laws, eating  yummy food, soaking up some Vitamin D and breathing in the fresh air as I listened to the quiet of the country with just the gentle noises of the birds chirping, wind chimes gently tinkling and the bugs buzzing. Oh, and taking a nap! It’s just what my body and mind needed after the past few weeks of busy-ness.

Surrounding by my faithful yard dogs.

And since the front yard is not fenced for little dogs (but we have three large yards behind the house and off the dog house for the littles to run and play), I decided to put a harness on Shiloh and put her on the cable so she could join us (hubby and the youngest joined me outside later too). Then I wouldn’t have to worry about her wandered off in case I fell asleep.

silly puppy

She adapted to it right away (except for the fews times the cable got wrapped around the faucet or something in her way).

She thought the chickens were pretty entertaining to watch.


Coming home from our walk to grandma’s house. I’m glad Ben was with me as there is a bear in the neighborhood. My sister-in-law ran into it the other day on this same trail. Fortunately, it was more afraid of her and ran off.

It was such a good day! Now back to work!

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  1. Shiloh is a gorgeous puppy. I’m so glad you have her to continue the line. Also glad you got a well-deserved rest day. We’ve also had a bear visiting—our compost bin for the first time ever. I have to re-think how to fortify it!

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