Really, Hope?

Last week we had a little scare.

As most of you know Hope loves to eat and sleep. In fact, those are her two favorite things in the world, besides visitors. She always thinks everyone comes just to see her!

Her normal routine is to get up in the morning and go outside for potty time and a bit of sniffing around in the back yard. Then she comes in and naps all day long. Seriously, she sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.

doing what she does best 😴

But around seven o’clock (bedtime is around eight to eight-thirty) she gets up and starts wandering around looking at us, wagging her tail. “Mom, dad, it’s time for me to eat dinner! I need to eat now! I’m so hungry, look at my starving physique!” *Insert eye roll* This dog would survive a famine. She is on “diet” food and still doesn’t seem to lose weight.

So right before bedtime she goes outside to potty first. Usually she’s right back at the back door wanting in so she can go to bed and get her dinner.

But this night I looked out the back door and noticed her head in the grass. It looked like she was happily chewing on something. My first (disgusted) thought was, “is she eating dog poop?”

I quickly headed out the back door and got to her before she had finished chewing. She looked up at me (happily I might add….”look mom, I found my own dinner!”) and I saw the remnants of what she was eating. A mushroom. *sigh

I picked up the plump little sausage dog and hauled her back in the house. Then called the vet. Of course it was after hours.

(Just so everyone knows, I usually scoop up mushrooms when I scoop dog poop in the back yard. But I had been gone staying with my friend the two previous days).

The vet suggested (since we didn’t know if the mushroom was a poisonous one or not) to give her hydrogen peroxide to make her vomit and gave me the dosage I should administer for her weight. My concern of course was her cleft palate because any liquid which goes in, part of it comes back out her nose. But we figured that was the lesser of two evils in case the mushroom was toxic.

Well, I never want to do that again. It foamed out her nose and she couldn’t catch her breath for a minute. It was scary. And then she never vomited after all the peroxide drama!

My next step was to get pictures of the mushrooms in the yard (Don’t worry, I picked them all up after the pictures) then send them to the vet for identification. And of course, my internet took forever to finally get the pictures through to her.

And thankfully it ended up being a non-poisonous mushroom. So Hopie was fine and she happily got her dinner too!

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