Cami’s pups are four weeks old and definitely growing and changing!

They are getting interested in mom’s food dish so now we’re soaking the food to make it easy for them to nibble on.

And every time they come out to play they are getting more adventurous. The boys seem to be more so than the girls. The girls are sitting back and watching the brothers wiggle waggle around. I’m sure we’ll see the girls get more confident as the days go by.

Mom is wanting to spend less time with them and more time sunbathing outside. I think I spotted her with sunglasses and a lemonade last time. Next thing you know she’ll be asking to go to town for a pedicure.  ;P hehe

The pups are doing amazingly well with their UgoDog litter box system. In fact, probably in the next day or so we’ll switch them over to the regular box with the pellets. I like to get them used to that before they move to the puppy room and a bigger area.

Here they are at four weeks of age! They’re just adorable!


2# 13 oz


2# 15 oz


2# 15 oz


1# 11 oz



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  1. Dee says:

    What a sweet little group. 🥰

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