Sweet greetings!

We had a lot of Christmas greetings and adorable pictures shared on our private Facebook group so I thought I’d share here for everyone to enjoy too! Some of the pups have December birthdays also so they were celebrating birthdays too!

Fergal formerly Baffle from the mystery liter turned 7 this month!


Finn formerly Mars (Shiloh’s brother)

Maisie formerly Angel from our Christmas 2020 litter.

Quinn formerly Frankie also from the Christmas 2020 litter.

Zoe formerly Pecan from the nut litter.

Minnie formerly Marjoram from the herb litter.

Asha formerly Lavender from the herb litter.

Bear the Cavapoo formerly Jingle with her “brothers”.

Ollie formerly Stan from the Golden Girls litter.

Bailey formerly Blanche (Ollie’s sister) who both just turned a year old.

Kiki formerly Sophia (sister to Ollie and Bailey).

Arnold brother of our retired Rosie!

Duchess and Riata two of our Aussaliers.

Hashtag the Aussalier.

Cooper formerly Kevin from The Office litter.

Oso (in the green sweater) formerly Pepper from the spice litter with his BFF.

Cubbie formerly Declan)






Herschel formerly Chord

Opie Joe and Betty Lou formerly Michael Angelo and Monet, Poodles from the artist litter.


Peanut formerly Biscuit and Babu formerly Tinsel.

Doc from our Gunsmoke litter

Murphy from our chip litter.


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4 Responses to Sweet greetings!

  1. Dee says:

    Cuteness overload!!! Love this. 🥰

  2. Katharine Harding says:

    What a wonderful way to extend Christmas delights! Each one is a star! We’re so lucky to have 2 Pinewood stars- Toby (Blue from cheese litter 3 years today!!) & Shadow( Bagel- bread litter 5 mos)

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