To Aussalier or not to Aussalier, that is the question! 😉

If any of our Aussalier lovers have been following us for a while, you know we haven’t had a litter of Aussaliers for over a year and a half. Oakley retired after her last litter and we were waiting for Quinn to grow up before starting up again with another litter of Aussaliers.

But here’s my quandary, I haven’t heard from hardly anyone on my Ausssalier list during that time. Hardly anyone is checking in about puppies, so I’m not even sure that I have anyone interested in a puppy anymore. I’m sure lots of people have found puppies elsewhere or life has changed directions. (I have yet to reach out to those on the list, but plan to). And the last thing I want is to bring a litter into the world and then have trouble finding them great homes.

The second part of this dilemma is the size of these potential puppies. Oakley is a very small, toy Aussie who was about 10ish pounds (more now since she was spayed). Her pups averaged 15-20 lbs as adults.

Quinn is a large toy/small mini size. She weighs about twice as much as Oakley and stands a bit taller at the shoulder and is bigger boned. I’m guessing that if we bred Quinn her pups would end up more in the 20-30 lb range.

So if you’re on my Aussalier waiting list, are you still interested and are you okay with a potentially larger Aussalier? Or maybe you’re not on my Aussalier list but seriously interested in a larger Pinewood Aussalier. I’d love to hear from either of you!

If not, then Quinn would love to have a family of her own to enjoy!



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6 Responses to Aussaliers

  1. Lauren Sirvaitis says:

    I will be someday! My Aussalier (an accidental one I got overseas) is 9. We’re a one dog family for now but I hope to always have an Aussalier as she’s just the best dog. Her dad was a full size Aussie and she’s 25 lbs of perfect.

  2. Hayley says:

    I would love one, but have to get hubby on board first 😂. Our first boy was a larger cavapoo (30-35lbs) whom we adored and lost to old age last summer, our second boy is 1.5 year old aussiedoodle who is super bouncy and loving. I feel like an ausselier is our next obvious pick 😂. Ollie, our current pup, would love a new friend, but I feel like maybe he needs to mature a little more before my husband will agree to the chaos of two dogs in the house again!

  3. Song says:

    I’m bummed that you decided to stop breeding them, because I just found this page and they’re adorable! We’re looking for a sweet puppo that we can cabin carry when we fly.

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