Indy’s available girls

We have only two people from our Cavapoo waiting list that have reached out about Indy’s puppies and are on her litter list for matching. So do you know what that means?

Yes! We are opening up the application forms for those of you who may be interested in one of the available girls!

Matching day is April 30th, but I have a friend’s wedding to go to that day, so I might only be available part of that day. I’d like to start matching puppies on Friday, April 28th and get the ball rolling then if at all possible.

So applications need to be in by Thursday, April 27th at midnight (my time) 😉

And if you are one of those people that are already on my Cavapoo waiting list and are interested, I also need to hear from you by then so I can get you on the list. When matching starts, those on my Cavapoo waiting list will be matched first and then we’ll start going through the new applications.

For those new here, Indy’s puppies are F1b Cavapoos. Which means the mom (Indy is an F1 Cavapoo; her mom is our Poodle, Lyric and her dad is our Cavalier, Dickens). Indy was then bred to our Poodle, Bonus. All of these dogs can be found our the following page links;

F1b Cavapoos are typically what a person likes if they have allergy issues as they are more Poodle genes in the mix and puppies are less likely to shed. BUT  with that being said, only a portion of each F1b litter will have the curlier-Poodle coat. The rest will have a variety of coats textures/waviness like a regular F1 Cavapoo. Normally about 30% of each litter has the Poodle-type curls and the other 70% will be like an F1 Cavapoo coat.

All of Indy’s puppies are girls (So funny that our litter/s in January produced all boys!). They are all parti-colored; meaning a white base with various colored patches on their bodies. You can find their album here as we update pictures weekly.

As they start to move around more and become more active and adventurous, we will be posting more and more videos on our YouTube channel.

We will be meeting puppy families in Spokane on Sunday, May 21st to personally hand you your puppy, go over puppy paperwork, answer questions, etc. We usually meet about 10:30 in the morning.

Normally if you apply to our waiting list there is an application fee (which is part of the puppy price), but if you are applying for one of Indy’s puppies, there is no fee, but you will need to send the deposit as soon as you’re matched with a puppy so that puppy can be held for you. The balance for your puppy is due by May 8th.

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to email me at or give me a call at 509-675-4887. (Please no Friday night or Saturday calls).

The application is two parts. It’s imperative that you fill out both consecutively and also add your name to one of the answer boxes on Part 2 so I connect your application forms. The second to the last question on Part 2 asks specifically if you have read and agree to our listed pages. Please take the time to read these extra pages. This will give you a ton of information and answer a lot of questions. And please fill out the application with as much information as possible. This helps me help you choose the best puppy for you!

I will link them here also to make things easier. Below these pages I will link both application forms. Although some info on the Puppy Info page won’t apply since you are applying for a specific litter that we have puppies available from.


Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2




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