It’s so weird

After puppy delivery things feel off for a day or so. Everyone has loaded people and pups in their cars and they’re leaving the parking lot. Or they’ve headed back to their motel or the airport terminal. I get my things loaded in the truck and as I pull away it just seems like there’s something missing. It’s just seems weird that there’s nothing in the truck with me but quiet, empty crates.

It kind of reminds me of when my kids were first old enough to stay home by themselves and I went to the store without them. I have that flash of a thought “I forgot the kids!” or “where are the kids?” And then you remember that they are grown up enough to stay home while you go shopping.

It’s continues when I get home. I keep thinking, “oh, I have to feed the pups, take the pups out, clean up after the pups” and then remember they went home. My poor old brain 😉 lol

So I get busy with dog laundry; blankets, towels that I used for baths, toys that need a good cleaning and start cleaning up the puppy room and emptying the puppy pens and putting toys away.

I’ll take down the canopy, exercise pens and and put the toys away out in the garden and get on with my list of regular chores.

Until the next litter arrives! And the process starts all over again.

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  1. Pam Hartsoch says:

    I was thinking that when we drove off with our Jasmine! She is absolutely perfect! She has slept through the night every night and has claimed our house as her own! Potty training is going well! Off to the vet today. Thank you so much for everything you did to give her the best start in life! 💗

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