Baby blankets

When my kids were home a couple weeks ago, they threw Scruffles dog bed in the washer to wash before heading back to their home. I quickly threw it in the dryer the morning they were leaving to get it ready for their departure.

He’s not spoiled🖤

But a few days after they left, I went to put something else in the dryer and found a small piece of fabric stuck to the inside of the dryer. At first I didn’t recognize it. Then it dawned on me. It’s Scruffles baby blanket! He still sleeps with it. 🥹

I started long ago making little snuggle blankets for each puppy to go home with. This way they have something that smells familiar (me) to comfort them and for them to snuggle with in their new home. I hope it makes the transition a bit easier.

I used to find remnants of fleece fabric at our local Wally World to use. But Walmart didn’t always have remnants or even cute fabric to use for this purpose (or help at the fabric counter when you need someone!)

So now I order it online from JoAnn’s and they have a wide variety of cute dog and puppy prints to choose from.

These aren’t big blankets but more snuggle sized. And since it is fleece material I just cut two equal-sized pieces, lay them one on top of the other and  cut strips on the edge which I  tie together. That’s the extent of my “sewing” skills. Heehee

Indy’s litter got this cute print since it’s close to Memorial Day.

I have people that tell me that their Pinewood pup still sleeps with theirs also. 💙


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8 Responses to Baby blankets

  1. Peg Marckworth says:

    Diego still sleeps with his.

  2. Heather Miller says:

    Sherman still has his little Seahawks snuggle blanket oo!

  3. Ahuva Hammer Sarfati says:

    I am a Siberian cats breeder and do the same for our kittens

  4. Lori says:

    Cammi still sleeps with hers and takes it with her on car rides.

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