Retiree update

I love getting updates on puppies, but it does my heart good to get sweet updates on our adults that have retired to “couch potato life” status. Because they are the hardest for me to let go of.

“Smudgie got to go to the beach last week! We love her so much. I  thought you might enjoy an update. ❤️”

Smudgie’s new owners are the “grandparents” of their daughter’s dog who is one our of Pinewood Cavapoos! So the girls get together often.

“You are welcome! She is so precious. We love Leelee too.”


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  1. OMGoodness, we are going to Seabrook (WA coast I presume?) to visit friends the weekend of June 10th. We will have Toby & Shadow with us so we may run into this Pinewood family by chance! I’ll be looking closely at all cute dogs as we walk around!

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