I’m back!

I’m back from my break (physically) but my brain and body are still recovering from the travel and time changes!

My hubby and I are total home-bodies and if it weren’t for our amazing kids we’d never get off the farm. But when they plan a trip, book flights, and places to stay and do all the detail work so we can go too, we couldn’t pass that up! This trip had been in the works for a year.

We did go on one vacation with my parents the year after we moved to WA. And the kids invited me and let me tag along when they went to Scotland a four years ago while hubby stayed and took care of the animals.

But seriously hubby and I never go on vacation. When we lived in CA years ago, our “vacation” was to drive to WA to visit his parents. And since we’ve lived here, we drive to CA to visit my family. That’s it.

Now that all the kids are grown and have their own lives we had to start planning this a year ago, so all the work schedules could get time off, the one DIL would be finished with her brutal CRNA doctorate program and the youngest’s girlfriend would be on summer break from college. And I had to plan way ahead with the doggies so there would not be any puppies here or arriving while we were gone. My sweet SIL took care of all the dogs and other critters and kept my garden watered otherwise we wouldn’t be able to get away at all!

So I’m home and trying to get back into my daily routine as my body readjusts to our time and recovers from all the long, travel hours. I’ll tell you more about our trip in another blog. And I’ll continue to share all the amazing “pup”dates I received to fill in while I was away from the blog. There are so many! It’s wonderful!

And if you sent an email or application in the past couple weeks, I’ll get to those too, but it may take a couple days to answer them all.

Also, my elderly father ended up in the hospital while we were gone, so I may have to take another short trip soon. I really need to see him. <3

Reba has been extra clingy since we got home. And all the dogs greeted me with happy, tail wags and lots of doggie love. ❤️

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