One week has passed

One whole week has passed since Poppy delivered her sweet crew of Cavapoos. They are all doing amazing. And she is such a good little first-time mama!

The pups continue to gain weight each day. They’ve grown so much, that I’ve already had to change their ribbon collars into little parachord collars. And they’ve had their first teeny tiny toenail trim.

At this age, they just sleep and eat. Mom keeps them clean and I rescue them from under the bed! Yep, it’s been warm enough that Poppy likes to dig up the bed to lay on the cool, plastic bottom of the crate. Unfortunately, then the bed is messed up, the puppies end up in the folds of the bed or under the bed sometimes. Thankfully, they cry when they can’t find mom which alerts me to check the bed, straighten it out and set them back on top of it.


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  1. Catherine Hanley says:

    They’re little dolls!

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