Evening romp!

As I mentioned in another blog post, hubby worked hard to get our whole big yard fenced in. It keeps the big dogs from patrolling the whole neighborhood (guardian dogs like to patrol a huge area if they can) and keeps the little dogs from running into the horse pasture where they might get squished or heading off to the neighbors (should they get out of their exercise yards. We have three big yards for the little dogs to run and play in.)

(here’s the link https://pinewoodcavapoos.com/2023/05/28/a-gaited-community/)

I do have three fence-climbing Poodles (Reba, Sundae and Sasha) but they normally just climb from yard-to-yard or come to the door should they go over the fence.

But now that the whole main yard is fenced in, (we still have some acreage that is just fenced for the horses, but the dog’s cannot access it) it’s been fun just to turn the little dogs loose to run and explore. They absolutely love it!

Although, I do have to wait until evening when the big dogs have been put to bed before I let the little dogs out for their playtime. Even though the big dogs are here to protect the little dogs from predators, if the little dogs end up in the big dogs “area” they don’t like it. Then the big dogs will chase and try to “tackle” the little dogs with their big paws. *SMUSH* It’s no fun running around and exploring if you’ve got a pack of big dogs trying to herd your around!

So evening is “our” time (me and the little dogs). I get the big dogs tucked in bed with their dinners, then open the gate and turn the littles loose!

First the girls get their time out.

Then I put them to bed and turn the boys out. The girls tend to roam farther and faster. The boys tend to stick closer to me because they know dinner is coming soon. But they still have fun running around, sniffing and hiking their leg on every tall weed.

The dogs and I are really enjoying our evenings together. They’re having a blast romping around and I get a good laugh out of their silly antics!


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  1. Didi Dame says:

    I’ll take the grey and white girl please!!

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