Before and after

Grooming appointments continue through this week and next. On Tuesday, Cami, Winter and Indy went in for their beauty treatments.

There are a few dogs that I do myself; Aurora (because she will not let the groomer do her feet at all. But she’s fine with me doing them). Reba, because well, she’s special and I don’t want to stress her out and leave her there. 😉 And of course, the Cavaliers, because they just need brushing and a bath. No trimming required, although sometimes they will get a bit of a trim if there’s excess hair that just wants to mat. Or it’s Hope and she just carries a massive coat which is hard to keep up with, so I do trim her’s up a bit.

“Mom, I need a haircut! I can’t see where I’m going!”

Two little dirty country bumpkins!

Dropped off with our groomer.

That’s much better! Now I can see you’re beautiful eyes, Cami😍

Fuffy, clean and adorable again, Winter and Indy❤️

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