An extra busy day!

I don’t know why I do this to myself, but sometimes I just schedule too much in one day! Wednesday was one of those days! Thankfully, even though it was busy, the day went smoothly.

Reba was scheduled for a dental cleaning right after we got home from our trip but I ended up rescheduling because I was going to fly down to see my dad….and then I got sick instead. *sigh

The little stinker used to let me scale her teeth if any tarter started to build up, but the older she gets the less cooperative she is.

And then I had scheduled dog grooms quite a while ago since that’s normally what we have to do because of our groomer’s busy schedule. And that’s probably why my day got crammed full of appointment’s; you take what they (the vet and groomer) have available.

So I got up a bit earlier than usual so I could do most of my morning chores before Reba and I headed out.

It’s an hour plus drive to our vet, but I’m happy to do it. Once you’ve established yourself with a good vet and their amazing staff, you’ll go the extra mile to go there. It’s imperative to find a good vet for your animals and build that relationship with them.

Reba got checked in and dropped off for her appointment and then I made the trek back home. I had about an hour at home before I had to head off to the groomer’s (which is in between the vet and home). In the meantime, on my drive home from the vet a friend called who was visiting from out of state. They needed something from my BIL (our neighbor).

I had time to get home and do puppy weights, pictures, change the bed and do ENS on Poppy’s puppies.

Then it was time to load up the three dirty, farm dogs and get them to the groomer (a thirty minute drive from home). I zoomed by my BIL’s, grabbed the item for our friends who were camping about an hour away. I called them on my way to town and told them I’d meet them at the store after dropping the dogs off at the groomer’s.

Lyric, Sage and Sundae

Then I turned around and drove back home.  The dogs’ appointment was at 11:00 and the groomer thought she’d be done by 1:30. She usually messages me about thirty minutes before they are done. So I had about two hours at home to get more things done.

My next appointment at the vet was at 3:00, for three annual exams and to pick-up Reba. So my dilemma was did I have time to run and get the dogs at the groomer, drive them back home and drop them off, grab the dogs that have vet appointments and then get to their appointment on time? Or should I have hubby go get the groomed dogs, and me just take the dogs that had the vet appointments?

In the end, by 1:30 the groomer had still not messaged me, so I loaded the dogs for the vet appointment, put extra crates in for the groomed dogs and left. As I was driving down my driveway, she messaged me to say the dogs would be done by 2:00. Perfect timing!

Pretty, clean, fluffy dogs! (Sundae did not like the camera pointed at his face. “Come on, mom!”) Look how cute Sage and Lyric look! <3

We continued on to the vet and got there just in time for our 3:oo appointment. I took Indy and Cami for their check-ups. And since I’m dog sitting my “grand-dog” Scruffles and he was due for his annual, he came too. (And if you’re wondering where the other three were, I backed up against the building in the shade, popped the lid on the canopy (they were in the back in wire crates, with windows open (so there was lots of ventilation), there was shade on their crates and they had full water dishes! Plus, I kept running out and checking on them. The temperature was fine and they weren’t stressed or too warm). In case anyone is worried, there is no way I would put my dogs in danger! They are well looked after.  We just had to get creative since there is no way I can get seven dogs in the back seat. <3

You can see how upset Cami was about being there (*wink*) just chilling on the floor.

Poor Reba is still groggy, but we’re headed home.

It was a long, busy day but it all came together and you can’t beat the view on the drive home!

And I’m so glad our Creator set aside today for us to rest from the craziness of life, the busy week and spend time with Him❤️




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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    I’m exhausted. You are putting me to sleep! Z-z-z-z

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