Pupdate~Toby & Shadow

“Hi Jennifer,
Answering your request for updates while you take a break—you deserve it!
Below are Shadow( Bagel from the big bread litter—now 10 mos.) & Toby (Blue from the cheese litter—now 3.5yrs.)
I took the still photo just minutes before they started their game of being “best brothers”—see the 19 sec. video clip below.
Yesterday Toby donned his official Pet Partner vest to visit people at a gathering for National Cancer Survivors Day. I was so proud of the way he interacted with everybody in a crowded room with music, many tables and chairs. There were 5 registered teams from Pet Partners of the Oregon Coast also in the room. Toby liked visiting with his other therapy dog friends as much as he liked meeting new people. Later this summer we will begin visiting patients in the infusion clinic at our local hospital.
This volunteer “work” combines  what I love best—being with my dear dog and sharing him with hospital staff and patients. The power of the visits is in their simplicity.
Pinewood Cavapoos are perfect in temperament, size, non-shedding and cuteness for doing Pet Partner work. Visit www.petpartners.org to learn more or you are welcome to contact me via Jennifer (aka puppy lady) if you want to ask me questions about my experience. Toby is my 3rd registered Pet Partner Cavapoo/Cavadoodle. My first 2 were from other breeders—(VA, no longer raising puppies & OK)
From a very happy mom of 2 Pinewood puppies,


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