Into the woods

Well, our little “oops” Aussiedoodle litter is already three weeks old. Their eyes have opened and they are the sweetest little fur balls. They look like little black bear cubs.

The ones I though might be black and tan, are now looking not so much so. I’m pretty sure each one is solid black with bits of white. (I’ll do a video soon and show each puppy with its markings.) I don’t see any bright blue eyes staring at me either, but time will tell if those new baby peepers change any.

Sasha and her babes moved into the small play pen and are adjusting to their roomy environment. Sometimes one will be in the opposite side of the pen from all the others and crying, so I have to rescue it and help it back to mom. Soon they’ll be toddling all over the place!

And now for some darling individual pictures and names! You can see the theme I went with because of the black bear cub “look”. Introducing our woodland creatures!

“Panther”~(yellow collar/female)

1# 3 oz @ 3 weeks

“Bison”~(red collar/male)

1# 5 oz @ 3 weeks

“Bear”~(orange collar/female)

1# 10 oz @ 3 weeks

“Lynx”~(blue collar/female)

1# @ 3 weeks

“Wolf”~(green collar/male)

1# 4 oz @ 3 weeks

“Fox”~(pink collar/female)

1# 2 0z @ 3 week

“Rabbit”~(purple collar/female)

1# 5 oz @ 3 weeks

And just a reminder if you are interested in one of these cuties, please reach out soon so I can add you to the Aussiedoodle interest list. Since we don’t have a waiting list for this “breed”, it will be “first come, first serve” when we match puppies. So the sooner you get on the list, the higher up the list your name will be for choosing. ( Or if you know a friend or family member who might be interested, please send them our way and spread the word so they call all find amazing homes. Thank you! ❤️

Cody meeting one of his pups for the first time❤️

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