Busy days

Busy days training and taking care of puppies. Poppy’s continue to do well with potty training and improving on their crate time. They are completely weaned off mom now and “big kids”.

Sally’s puppies are being matched this weekend. They have graduated to the puppy room and a bigger puppy pen with two litter boxes and their first crate with a big, fluffy bed. Mom is telling us she wants to wean the pups so she’s getting bigger breaks away from them and they are all doing well.

Sasha’s Aussiedoodles are getting more active and social. We’ve switched the litter box from a Ugodog to the regular one with pellets. With seven puppies using the “bathroom” it was filling up quickly with urine (and poop getting smashed on the grate) so now was the perfect time for the other litter box.  The pine pellets are absorbent and help with odor too. They still look like black bear cubs.


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