Looking for forevers!

I don’t know why but we are getting almost zero interest in our Aussiedoodles puppies. It’s so sad.  I know we don’t have a waiting list for this mix as it isn’t something we normally breed (thanks Sasha and Cody). But these babies are amazing and will make super companions. They are cute, fuzzy and playful. I suspect it’s because they are black. Black dogs and cats are the ones who get overlooked the most just because of their color. So many people pick an animal just by color and don’t even ask about personality. I love the black pups. To me they’re are strikingly beautiful! As you know we have a couple ourselves and one gorgeous all black cat too!

These pups are priced considerably lower than our Cavapoos just because we don’t have a waiting list for this breed. But they are getting the same care and training as all of our other puppies and they come from health and genetic tested parents.

They will be getting their first vaccination, have been dewormed, had a stool sample checked and a thorough exam by our vet before they are ready to go home on Sunday, September 24th.

Some of you on my Cavapoo may want to consider one of these pups. The fluffier ones look so much like black Cavapoos!

And for this weeks portraits, the pups are looking fresh!

Panther (yellow/female)

3# 9 oz

Bison (red/male)

4# 14 oz

Bear (orange/female)

4# 13 oz

Lynx (blue/female)

2# 15 oz

Wolf (green/male) **MATCHED**

3# 2 oz

Fox (pink/female)

3# 3 oz

Rabbit (purple/female)

3# 10 oz

Even if you’re not interested, we’d appreciate you sharing about our puppies! Who knows, maybe someone you know might be looking for a puppy! ❤️


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4 Responses to Looking for forevers!

  1. Val says:

    I would love one but, at my age, I don’t have the energy it takes to raise one. I’ll tell friends about them though
    If you know of a older dog please keep me in mind.

  2. Renae Bertolero says:

    I’m sorry if I just missed it, but did you post what the price is? Also, do you have photos of/information on the parents? I’m rather surprised they aren’t going fast too, those are two great breeds.

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