All ready!

Well, almost ready. The Aussiedoodles (oops!) litter are going in for their vet appointment today and then they are ready for their forever homes. We have four matched and still three available (two girls, one boy; Panther, Rabbit & Bison)

We’ll be meeting some of their families this next Sunday, September 24th in Spokane for delivery.

I’m hoping to get the last three matched up with loving families soon as I’d like to go visit my dad before winter. In fact, my SIL in California found a home for one of the pups, so now I “have” to go south to deliver at least one puppy! That will be fun!

The pups are using litter boxes to potty and also learning to go outside for potty breaks. They are learning to eat and sleep in their crate. They are all just adorable, playful, happy, and cuddly puppies. I think our last three available pups will end up in the 18-25 lb range. Of course, that is just a guess.

They will all have a thorough exam by our vet, their first Parvo/distemper vaccination, been dewormed and had a stool sample checked by our vet. Each pup will go home with a goody bag of puppy items and all the paperwork and health records it needs.

In the meantime we’ll continue to love and work with them. Today they’re playing inside as it’s cold and drizzly outside. But they’ve been having a blast having playtime in the yard too with the big dogs wandering around their play area and keeping them safe.

“Panther” (yellow/female) **AVAILABLE**

“Bison” (red/male) **AVAILABLE**

“Bear” (orange/female)

“Lynx” (blue/female)

“Wolf” (green/male)

“Fox” (pink/female)

“Rabbit” (purple/female) **AVAILABLE**


And for those of you who might be new here, the puppy parents are our fence-climbing mini Poodle, Sasha and our handsome farm dog, mini purebred Aussie, Cody (who was very happy to meet up with Sasha when she climbed the fence in full-blown heat! Such a naughty girl!) Both parents are health/genetic tested. Sasha is 12 lbs and Cody is 29lbs. and as I said, this was NOT a planned breeding.


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