Mr. Clean

It’s so nice to have Mr. Clean around to help with puppy messes. And I don’t mean the bald guy on the yellow bottle šŸ˜‰

Hubby does a lot of big cleaning jobs for me. And it was time to do a deep clean on the puppy room. A lot of fluff, dust, food and water (when I fill water dishes or puppies stick their feet in it) and such falls through the puppy pens to the trays underneath. I don’t change that part daily because the puppy pads would break the bank for one thing. Plus it becomes messy again quickly. So we change beds and litter boxes which are the things puppies come in contact with and sweep, vacuum and mop that floor where puppies play. Then we do a deep clean after puppies go home. But even though there are still three Aussiedoodles the room was due for a deep clean.

So I picked up toys, cleaned litter boxes and sweep while the pups were outside. Then hubby cleaned under the pens, vacuumed and mopped. It looks so nice now!

Now time to wash another load of toys, beds and dog towels. It’s a never-ending house-keeping job around when you have puppies and dogs in the house! I’m so glad to have a helper.

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