Pupdate~Indy aka Marshall

“Hello! I just found your email, and you said you wanted a little update on how Indy is doing.

Indy spends a lot of his days sleeping and then getting a random burst of energy at 10 pm. As shown in the last photo, we just celebrated his 5th birthday! Indy has been on so many wonderful adventures, even to other countries! He’s been to Bahamas, Aruba, 9-10 states and countless walks. His only problems are his feet, which get little blisters and sores. Overall, he makes our whole family smile every day and I am so happy to have him!” (from one of the children; so I had to ask mom about the feet?)

And the mom’s response….

Hi Jennifer,

I hope you are doing well! I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since we picked up Indy (Marshall)! He is such a wonderful addition to our family. He has a great temperament, is so easy to travel with, and he LOVES kids! We back up to open space so have lots of critters nearby and Indy is obsessed, he has killed many small rodents and is very proud, and every day he and the squirrels torment each other! He does have some skin issues that my son messaged about – but I heard this was pretty common in doodles. I have brought him to the vet about it and it’s definitely seasonal allergies with a bit of anxiety licks. The blister was a one-time thing that I think came from doggie daycare where he goes for a few hours a week. We’ve got booties and creams and meds from the vet. Mostly though he likes to cuddle on the couch, and have us all around while he chews on his bully sticks. He sleeps with and takes care of Tasi, and in turn, Tasi makes sure he too is happy..

Hope you have a wonderful day,”



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