As some of you know, I mentioned finding some extra adults fabulous retirement homes and since we have Asher, I decided to let Niko go. Boy, did he land a gold mine! He’s got an amazing home where he is pampered and so loved!

I’ve gotten several updates, just failed to share them. So here’s news on our sweet boy from his new mom! I have gotten from his new mom.

The day after pick-up…

“Hi Jennifer,

Niko was a little stressed on the drive and he threw up a few times (poor baby) but Michael ended up sitting in the back seat with him and he settled down. We got home and had the 2 dogs meet in the front driveway because that’s a neutral place and it couldn’t have gone better. They sniffed and were fast friends! I’m so happy! Here they are sitting for a cookie!
Thanks again! I will keep you posted on his progress! ”

“Hi Jennifer,

Well Niko is settling in better and more quickly than I thought he would! I think he is a lap dog! Haha!
He slept all night in his new crate and didn’t make a peep! He has tried to mark (with his pad on) only a few times, and he hasn’t tried to mount Maggie once! Yay! He’s so sweet and silly! I love his personality! I think he’s the perfect fit for our family!!
I’m so grateful you chose us to be his forever family!! Thanks again!!
I will keep you updated on his progress!!

Talk soon, ”

“I wanted to update you on Niko’s progress and he is definitely a lap dog! He’s made him self at home and is doing amazing! Maggie and him are fast friends and we could not be any happier!! He is such a sweet boy and we are madly in love!!

“Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to give you a Niko update…he is living his best life!
He is the biggest love bug ever! He went on his first camping trip a few weeks ago and loved it! He loves his sister Maggie and is a wonderful playmate for her!
We’ve been working with a trainer to help him build some confidence and he’s so smart and a quick learner!!
He has been such a wonderful addition to our family any we are totally in love with him!! He is just what I’ve needed in my moments of grief after losing my sister…he totally knows when I’m sad and is my little therapy dog!! Thank you again for raising such an amazing boy!


And the most recent update…

“Hi Jennifer,
I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to tell you again how much we absolutely adore Niko!! He is such a funny, sweet boy! We’ve had lots of adventures this summer! He absolutely loves to go camping! We bought some electric bikes and we can tow a dog carrier behind and they both love that too!
He is the perfect addition to our family! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog! We’ve done some training with him and he’s the quickest learner! And so smart! I think he finally feels secure and knows he’s in his forever family!!
Love, The M’s”

That boy has it made! And I’m so thrilled!❤️

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