Pupdate~Olen aka Peanut

Hi Jennifer,
Greetings from north Spokane!  Olen is doing great, as usual!  He is such a friendly, happy, loving, perceptive companion!  He is 4 and a half now.  So often I think of his very early care and training from you, and am so grateful for the wonderful start he got.  I read the updates from other owners, and all the complimentary things they say, and think, “Yes, that’s Olen, too!”  I love that he is very smart.  He knows commands in different languages, was easy to train, and never forgets his early training about going in and out of doors, crossing streets, etc.
I am now dealing with two chronic illnesses, Parkinson’s and a recurrence of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue.  But my health challenges do not stop me from caring for him as I always have.  On good weather days, we walk different routes, the longest being 1.2 miles.  A happy time for both of us!  He remains primarily a combination walker/sniffer.  Big time sniffer, this little guy!  Everyone he meets, new or old friends, he stops to greet, going from one to the next.  He makes sure that each person or child gets a chance to say Hi and benefit from his attention.  He always brings smiles.  Always.  I am so grateful to have him by my side.
I’m sorry that I have no recent photos.  The camera I formerly used no longer works, and I’ve never figured out how to connect my phone with computer, to post photos.  Before long, I’ll learn that, I hope.  He’s still cute, of course.
I get jealous when I see all these cute puppies growing in your care each time they come along.  I am too old to consider another one, but it’s fun to dream!
Sally and Olen Ranger  πŸΆπŸ’œ
I found an older a picture of Olen that his mom sent. Olen was Confetti aka Peanut from the New Years litter in 2018. Littermates were Champagne, Kiss, Midnight and Cheers.
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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    This dog is absolutely beautiful. If I ever got another one, this is the color I would want.

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