Pupdate~Murphy aka Hermes

Well, in our visit to family I also got to see a Pinewood pup! My brother and SIL have a tricolor Cavapoo who was formerly Hermes from our Designer litter from Hazel and Dickens.

His mom says, “Walmart has good greeters, but Murphy is the best greeter” when everyone comes home from work 😉 and boy does he love his mommy!

When his mom picks him up and asks for a snuggle, he tucks his head up under her chin. It’s the cutest thing!

And he’s so helpful! He prewashes the dishes.

He chases the dragons (pool sweep) out of the back yard.

He loves belly rubs

And is great at begging for treats from the table.He’s a great couch potato

He has a “girlfriend” called Brenda the Bear😂And he loves when his human dad roughhouses with him. Murphy has the best life!❤️



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