What’s next?

Some of you might be wondering when our next Cavapoo litter will be arriving. Well, we had one in the works that was supposed to arrive any day now. Unfortunately, nature sometimes has other ideas. Our planned litter between Sky and Dickens did not pan out. She is not pregnant.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for one of the other girls that I’d like to breed to come in season, but they all took a break for a while.

Finally, while we were away on our trip, Winter came in season. So this week I’ve been introducing her to her new “beau” which in fact is Bonus, aka Bo aka Bobo. (Winter is a Cavapoo and Bonus is a mini Poodle so the pups will be F1b Cavapoos).

“If” she gets pregnant (and you never know with a first-timer) St Nick should be delivering some Christmas time puppies for us! And they will all be “cow” puppies. For those who don’t know, when we have parti-puppies (white base with colored spots) I call them cow puppies because they look like little Holstein cows!

I’m not sure exactly with colors we’ll get between them but likely blenheim, tricolor and black and white.

Both Winter and Bonus are on the smaller side so they pups may stay smaller although there is no guarantee on size. And sometimes with the Poodle background a pup may grow taller/bigger than the parent dogs.

But between these two parents the pups ought to be sweet, spunky and a lot of fun! I can’t wait to meet them. Fingers crossed that she gets in the family way.  <3

I will update with any news or when we know she’s pregnant for sure. But we won’t take names for the litter list until after the puppies are born.



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  1. Ahuva Hammer Sarfati says:

    We love our Babe daughter of Bonus. She can jump fences just like her papa. She is so smart and so much fun too

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