I love her

But in an effort to get my numbers down and make all the female dogs happy (Zuma is threatened having another female running the yard with her and tends to pick on Aurora) I would be willing to let Aurora go to a new home with a fenced yard.

Since we have decided not to do any more of the bigger Cavapoos (on purpose) she got spayed yesterday. So she needs a couple weeks to heal before she can leave. She’s up to date on vaccinations and just got groomed. Speaking of grooming though, for some reason she absolutely won’t let the groomer do her feet, but she lets me do them(?) So I would suggest she goes to someone that know how to groom or is willing to learn.

She is an absolute love bug and loves a good hug. She has a happy attitude and will sit in front of you and reach out her big, lanky paw to get your attention. She loves having a big yard to play and explore in. She’s a good watch dog too and will alert when someone arrives.

Aurora is an AKC registered purebred (small) standard Poodle and is just five years old, so has so many more fun years to share with the right person. She wasn’t raised around kids, so I would suggest an adult household to make her the most comfortable. And with any adult dog going to a new home, she will need plenty of time to adjust and feel comfortable. So having patience and time and ideally someone that works from home or is retired would be best. She’s used to having us around all the time.

She would do well with another dog, but I would suggest male only and probably big enough to handle her size and playfulness. She is about 40-45 lbs tops and stands about 22″ at the shoulder.

If you are seriously interested, please fill out the puppy applications on the website and in the section asking (“What are you looking for in a puppy?”) please note that you are applying for Aurora.

Aurora as a puppy. She’s is a sable parti but has obviously lightened with age. But this picture shows her colored spots. As an older puppy

Adult pics


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