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Yesterday I shared about Aurora. Today and in upcoming days, I’ll share about more available adult dogs looking for a comfy couch or an active retirement 😉

If you’re new to our blog, you may be wondering why we are looking for new homes for some of our dogs?

People frequently ask me if saying good-bye to cute puppies on puppy delivery day is hard for me. To me, that is one of the funnest parts of raising dogs. New families are anxiously awaiting their new puppy and there is so much joy and sometimes even happy tears, that’s it is one of the best days!

But the hardest part for a breeder is to say farewell to an adult they’ve raised and loved. But sometimes you have to do the hard things to make things better for the dogs. I want them to have happy, peaceful retirement years being the center of someone’s world.

Some may think it is horrible that I place my adult dogs in loving homes when they retire. I would love to keep each one forever. <3

But if I’m going to continue raising these adorable puppies for potential adopters, I have to raise more adults to be future parents. Obviously, we want our parents to have a nice life and “retire” at a nice age. So we raise some purebred Poodles and Cavaliers or keep a Cavapoo puppy occasionally to step in when those current ones are ready to retire. So there are always more dogs around then just the current parents. All those dogs require attention, grooming, love, medical care, and space. And I only have so much of each.

So I would much rather have an adult that is no longer being a parent, be spayed and retired into a home where he or she is the center of attention; a place where they will be doted on and spoiled. Where they can sleep on the couch, be part of the family activities and given all the attention they want. And I screen and place the dog into what I think sounds like the best home for that particular dog. Placing an adult dog is much harder on my heart than saying good-bye to a darling puppy.

Today, I’d like to share about this special boy.

Rumor is a purebred black phantom (black & tan) miniature Poodle. He is the son of my heart dog, Reba and our fence wonder dog , Sundae. Thankfully, he did not get either parents fence climbing skills, but this boy has “Tigger-springs” in his back legs! He jumps straight up and down with excitement. When I walk through the yard, he will be right next to my side boing-ing up and down. I usually just see a blur next to me. But the other day, my son saw him and said, “mom, that dog jumps clear up to your shoulder!”

He has gone through basic obedience class and earned his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate. I sometimes wonder how he did, because he rarely sat in class. I always had to push his butt into a sit when it was time to practice the sit. His back leg “springs” are so tight that he usually just stays at attention and wags his tail furiously.

He is a “velcro” dog and will become very attached to his person. He would love to be someone’s buddy and constant companion. And he’s a nice size at 14″ at the shoulder and about 13 lbs of lean muscle. He is four and a half years old. He is not neutered yet and I may still use him on our girls in the meantime. I just need to have less boys around here. We can have our vet do it or the new owner can. He’s up-to-date on his annual exam, vaccinations and he is micro-chipped. He gets along with most other dogs but would do best with a female if he has a house mate.


If you are interested in our sweet boy, please fill out the puppy application and note it is for Rumor.💙

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  1. Ahuva says:

    I think our gorgeous Babe inherited her papas jumping. But we love her to pieces

  2. Patty Gouert says:

    Where do I find the application for Rumor?

  3. Patty Gouert says:

    I submitted the application for RUMOR did you receive it?

  4. Patty Gouert says:

    Thank you

  5. Patty Gouert says:

    Good Afternoon did you receive my application?

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