Rest day

Our normal day off doggie business is Saturday (Sabbath). We usually attend church then we head to grandma’s house where all the nearby relatives get together for a big, family lunch. We might spend time outdoors in nature too depending on the weather or visiting with friends in the afternoon.

This past Saturday I just needed to rest. So after morning chores, I decided to do something really weird and went back to bed. Nothing like a nap only a couple hours after getting up in the morning. But it’s what my body was asking for.

Hubby had been sick all week so he stayed home to watch church online. And we didn’t join the family for lunch since we didn’t want to share his germs with his elderly mother.

I finally got up just in time to have breakfast just before noon…heehee.

We had a nice, restful day at home with just us and the critters.

In the past, I would let the little dogs out into the front yard to romp and explore after I put the big dogs to bed for the night. But now that it gets dark at zero-dark-thirty that hasn’t been an option. So I rounded up the big dogs with lots of treats and shut them into the boy yard.

Then we turned the girls loose for a free-for-all! Boy do they love exploring the whole fenced in front, side and barnyard. There are so many smells and things to stimulate their senses! I love watching them.

After they had plenty of time outside (and thankfully the sun came out) they went in and had some treats. Then it was the boys (and Oakley’s turn). Oakley hangs out with the boys because for some reason she clashes with a couple of the girls.

My Velcro boyPlease pick me up dad!the play-bowkisses!And here’s the funny part. The fence-climbing escape artist knew something was “off” and stood at the open gate not wanting to come! I bet if I’d shut the gate he would’ve climbed over and joined us!

Hi there! (Says Asher to Hope)The “princess” went potty then headed back to the house. “Don’t they know I’m royalty and don’t hang out with peasants” she says. 😉

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  1. Patty Gouert says:

    Thanks for sharing your day of rest. I loved watching my dogs running around outside and getting all the good smells and rolling in the grass best memories

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