Trying to catch up

Hi. It’s me. I’m home but still having a time getting back into a “normal” work/office routine.

For those that might be new to our blog, we’ve suffered two great loses in the past few weeks. And as the regulars here know, I’m pretty transparent about life. I probably share too much.

At the first part of October we drove to CA to visit my family. It had been a year since I’d been down to see my dad (who had dementia). I think he recognized us and we were able to spend time with him. At that time, my FIL was declining but we had to make the trip to CA. When we returned after a week away, my FIL was fading quickly and passed away on October 19th, just three days after we got home. As we tried to deal with that loss, dogs and such, my dad starting declining. I hopped on a plane on October 29th and flew back to CA by myself. I was able to sit with my dad for several hours that evening and into the night before heading to my brother’s for some rest. My dad passed to his rest, just after midnight. I had made it down just in time. Losing a parent is so hard, and losing two so close together is a double gut punch.

So I apologize for those waiting on email replies. It’s so hard to get back to “normal life” and work. I’ve had applications, questions and such come in, in the past ten days or so, that I’ve yet to reply too. But I’m working on them. Thanks for your patience during this time. If you reached out via messenger, email, text, phone etc in the past couple of weeks and don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please reach out again.

Hope sends love ❤️

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4 Responses to Trying to catch up

  1. Ahuvasarfati says:

    Hello Jennifer. My greatest condolences to you your husband and all your families. You are a good strong woman but please take care of your needs too. Dogs puppies and more are all in your plans. It will happen at the right time. Each lucky family will get the perfect puppy as you heal and spread love to your family and puppy families too. We are in awe of the wonderful work you do with your dogs. We are indebted to you and as part of your pinewoods Cavapoos family send you hugs and pray you and everyone will get back to yourselves soon. I am sure both fathers are extremely proud of all you do and from up Above will shine good luck and fortune to you all. Hugs from New York from our family to yours and Babe too

  2. jblackmoore says:

    Oh Jennifer, so sorry for your losses. Prayers coming your way from Montana. It is very difficult to lose a parent.

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