Saturday snapshots

Fall is in the air and things are starting to look a bit different around here. Mornings are crisp and cold and the dogs don’t like to stay outside any longer than necessary to take care of business. The garden is “asleep” for the winter and the last of the plants have gotten frosted. The horses are are growing fuzzy winter coats. And we’re enjoying the last of the flowers inside.

Could this be the original “angry bird”? Heehee

Also, I’m taking a break from the blog as I’m off to visit family again. Hubby will be home to hold the fort down ❤️

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2 Responses to Saturday snapshots

  1. Mary Phillips says:

    Love the pictures yes that is the original angry bird! Lol!
    Praying you have safe travels
    please keep my mission team-in your prayers 15 women on a medical mission trip to Trinidad Honduras until nov 9 th

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