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Poor little tyke..

But it has to be done. Some of you saw the picture I posted on my Facebook page the night before last. Yep, my little, red, male Poodle is home! I put a deposit on his litter when the pups … Continue reading

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I’m so excited!

As some of you may have read on my Facebook post the other day; I found a little red Poodle from the same breeder that I had gotten Reba from. And we’ve been trying to work out some details with … Continue reading

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He’s here!

Remember the post I wrote called “Friends”? Well, I have a follow up on that situation. As I mentioned , my good friend agreed to go to the airport at midnight to pick up my new male Poodle. Then I … Continue reading

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Good friends are a treasure. You know you have a good friend when you call them (earlier in the morning then you would call other people) and ask for a big favor.  “Do you think you could go to the … Continue reading

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It’s like Christmas!

First, I’ve got all these adorable puppies to play with. Plus they’re finding wonderful homes to go too. And tomorrow, after waiting for over two months, I finally get to pick up this beautiful girl at the airport! Reba sounds … Continue reading

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