Poor little tyke..

But it has to be done.

Some of you saw the picture I posted on my Facebook page the night before last. Yep, my little, red, male Poodle is home!

I put a deposit on his litter when the pups were less than a week old. The breeder updated me with pictures as they grew. Then when they were about six weeks old, I got to visit in person and pick my puppy.

But with any new canine that arrives at our house, they have to be in “quarantine” until they get checked out by the vet. Intact dogs can pass communicable diseases between each other, which can devastate a group of dogs and their owner. πŸ™ So each new dog gets tested before it is allowed to be around our current pack. The chance that an eight week old puppy would pass something on is basically nil. But for peace of mind and the safety of the “family” it’s just something we do.

So the little tyke is in our bonus room (future puppy room) with a big crate, litter box, exercise pen, food water and toys. But it’s just not the same as hanging out with the whole family!


So yesterday morning, I tucked him in my jacket and he “helped” me do chores. πŸ˜€

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