It ain’t all sunshine and roses…

It ain’t all sunshine and roses when you’re raising dogs. Sometimes poop happens. I know, you all think that’s my favorite word because it’s a frequent part of my vocabulary. But it’s a frequent part of my life too……unfortunately.

“Seriously, again?!”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!!”

Ok, sit down and let me tell you a story. (I know you probably don’t want to hear it really). It’s not really a bedtime story either, more like a nightmare. 😛

Yesterday was “town day”. It was supposed to be a fairly short day. But town day never does seem to end up short. For those that don’t know about where we live; we live, as my mom used to say, “out in the boondocks.” The little town that bears our address is south of us about nine miles, but we don’t go there too often. There really isn’t any shopping to speak of; just a little store, post office and some tribal buildings (we live on the reservation). The next nearest town is north of us and across the Columbia River about twenty five miles. But we mainly just drive through it to get to the next one. That’s our “big” town where we do our shopping and banking. That ends up being about a forty-five minute drive, one way, in good weather. Now if you drive through that “big” town (there’s two stop lights and two round-a-bouts!) it will take you about ten minutes from one end to the other. Then if you keep heading south down that main road about twenty-five minutes (I go by time more than miles around here) you get to the next town (even smaller) and that’s where our vet is located.

I’m telling you all this so you’ll know why I call it “town day”. It’s because I try to only go to town once a week or every other week if I can. Therefore, I have to cram as much into each trip as possible.

So I headed out a little before noon with the Three Musketeers for their vet appointment yesterday (but that’s another blog post). 😉 I of course had some other stops to make during the day. I knew I’d be gone half a day so I let the dogs out to potty before I left. Then asked my son (who was leaving later than me) to let them out again if needed and put them in their crates before leaving.

Errands were finally accomplished and home we went. I arrived to several dogs very excited to see me and needing to go stretch their legs; plus a horrible smell. Yep, Allie had to go, thankfully she “tried” to use the puppies’ litter box. Unfortunately things were a mess! But I soon had everything cleaned up and everybody had gone outside to stretch their legs and potty. I let the dogs back in and went back out for something. When I returned to the kitchen there were two deposits on the floor! “Seriously, again?!” (*shakes head)….Clancy!

I cleaned that up, took it out to the proper place and returned back inside… find that two Allie puppies had missed the litter box, made deposits on their bed; then……in. “You’ve got to be kidding me!!” *sigh

Now do you understand why poop is such a big part of my vocabulary? 😛

It’s all good though since I love what I do. <3

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