The first couple weeks

I just thought I’d share what happens around here after a litter is born. Once we get past the first critical days, the routine is basically the same until the pups are two to three weeks old. At this stage of development they eat, sleep, and go potty mostly. They do move a bit, but it’s more of a wiggle here, wiggle there kind of movement.

So this first thing every morning, mom goes out to potty then she’s back in with babies while I take care of all the other critters. Then a bit later, mom goes outside again while I’m busy with the babies.


I bring the babies out of their big crate and put them into a little bed with sides so they don’t wiggle away. Then each one is weighed and the weight recorded. (In the first few days after birth I might weigh them twice a day so I know they are eating and gaining weight).

Then while they hang out in the bed, I change the bedding in the big crate (depending on the season, sometimes there is a heating pad in there under the towel. But right now it’s warming up and there is a heater right next to the crate).


I fill up mom’s food dish and give her fresh water. She’ll also get her morning bowl of pudding and her vitamin when she comes back inside. (In the evening she’ll have another bowl of pudding and her NuVet supplement and possibly another bedding change).


And now is the time to get new pictures. Here is Rosie’s litter at one week of age. They’re growing! They went from birth weights of 6.3-7.5 ounces at birth to 11.5-13.3 ounces today.

I’ll also change their ribbons now if they are getting to snug and trim tiny toenails. Then as each puppy is put back into their big bed, I will do early neurological stimulation with each one. Basically these are small, short “exercises” that we do with puppies between birth and about 16 days of age for just a few seconds each day. Studies have shown that this will strengthen their hearts and adrenal glands, making it  easier for them to deal with stresses in life and more resistant to diseases. (Hopefully, one of these days we can do a post with more detailed information about this).

So back to bed they go with mom. Then during the day I’m here to let mom out for potty breaks, check her food and water and  peek in on the babies as needed. <3


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  1. Laurie Miller says:

    I am so excited for when my number comes up. You are such a loving, caring and awesome breeder!

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