Simple math

You all probably noticed on the last post that eight puppies went home that busy Sunday. And if you’ve been paying attention these last couple months you know that we had a total of ten Cavapoo puppies (between Reba and Lucy’s litters). Now lets’ say it together class; “ten minus eight equals two”. (Sorry, I guess that would be much more complicated if we were using common core math 😜) hehe

So what happened to the last two? Well, two of our families were not able to meet in Spokane that Sunday because of schedule conflicts. So they opted to come to our home. Both of them made the commitment to fly in, rent cars and drive to the boondocks, then turn around and head back with their precious cargo.

So last week Garland’s family came and got him.

Then today, our last Cavapoo, little Miss Snowy went home.

So now, all I’m left with is these seven little beauties! ❤️

Wait! Didn’t you just say that ten minus eight equals two? Yes, but then two minus two equals seven. See, now I’m getting into that new math! 😉

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    Dear Jennifer, Thank you for your reply. I am deeply to hear of the traumatic, terribly sad loss of your beloved Aussilier. So very heartbreaking….so sorry. We will fill out the form. Hopefully one day, a delightful Cavapoo and an equally delightful Aussilier will John n us and enjoy years of love and devotion! Thank you and very best wishes. Deb

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