A littermate

I thought it was time Genesis had her own littermate to play and cuddle with. ❤️

You can see she loves him already! ❤️

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8 Responses to A littermate

  1. Liz Robertson says:

    I’m ordering this for her now ❤️

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  2. Mickey stein says:

    I love that little pup!


  3. Susan Redmond says:

    How does socialization work for single puppies?


    • The same as with other puppies. They get the same enrichment, exposure, stimulation, etc as a litter would. They only difference is her interaction and socializing with other canines will be with her mom, “aunties” and other friendly canines. 🙂 Good question btw!


  4. Olga Standidge says:

    Such a lovely baby ❤️

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