Hunters or lap dogs?

If you have researched the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you will read that they were bred to be lap warmers for royalty back when people lived in drafty castles and were transported by carriages. In other places, it is written that they were originally bred for hunting which is what most spaniels were bred for. You might also hear that they would sleep with their owners so the fleas would be attracted to them instead of the human. Yuck! We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? I think their best job is a cuddly, lap warmer.

Cavaliers are definitely people dogs and as I call them “love sponges”. All they want is to cuddle up for a nap with their favorite person.

But occasionally the hunter comes out in a Cavalier.

Years ago, one of our first Cavaliers caught and killed one of our Parakeets who escaped from his cage.

(She looks so proud!)

(And she really didn’t want to give it up.)

And this happened a couple days ago. Gracie caught and killed a gopher! She proudly waiting at the back door for me to let her in with her prize. I was happy to reward (and trade her) for a stick of string cheese (while hubby discarded the rodent).

Score: Gracie-1, Gopher-0

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4 Responses to Hunters or lap dogs?

  1. Darla Finney says:

    Yay Gracie! Way to go country girl!


    Hope the first didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to be either a lap dog or a hunter. Though she’ll never sit on my lap, at least she’s sometimes willing to sit next to me while we watch TV together!

    much love & have a peaceful sabbath (Shabbat Shalom),

    esther ________________________________

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