The fruit basket

I had Amber’s puppies on the couch one day and said, “look at our little apricots” (since all three are apricot-colored). That thought led to fruit, which led to the names I plopped on these three. Maybe my mind was wandering back to summer and the luscious fruits of that season. Who knows. My mind wanders off in weird ways sometimes and look where it got me! hehe

Meet our luscious, sweet pups;

“Apricot” (red collar) boy

“Peach” (blue collar) boy

“Mango” (purple collar) girl

Pictured at four weeks of age!

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4 Responses to The fruit basket

  1. Didi Dame says:

    Perfect names!

  2. Melanie Scoffield says:

    Can we come meet Mango? She’s adorable.

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