More about the Poodles

So my thought when I bred Lucy and Rumor was to get a pretty merle girl (fingers crossed) to keep. (And give Rumor a chance to “prove” himself). I love the merles like Lyric. Lucy is not heavily merled but she does produce some light merling on some of her puppies and some blue eyes which indicates the merle gene.

Well, as you might have read, I got five boys!!! *sigh

The one and only girl is a brown and white parti. Not exactly what I was aiming for but still pretty. It might take a few weeks for me to decide if I keep her.

Which leaves us with the boys. I don’t need any more boy Poodles! And these boys got all the cool colors! :O

the girl

Cream boy

Sable boy

Brown merle boy

Brown phantom boy (phantom is a two-toned color like Black and Tan but he’s two shades of brown)

And lastly the teeniest tiniest guy (I think he’s smaller than our Peanut was!) the brown and white parti boy

I’ve got my milk replacer out and I’m helping mom by supplementing these little boys.

As mentioned these are purebred mini Poodles. I do not have a waiting list for Poodles, so if you are interested or know someone who is please send me an email at (Do not ask for information on the post, please.)

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  1. I like that merle male. 😐

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  2. Maria says:

    The teeniest guy, is he available? Are they cavapoos or poodles?

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