New Year’s night

Although I did manage to stay up until the New Year rolled around, it wasn’t to party. It was just a ‘work late night’. That evening Oakley’s temperature had been lower than it had in the past, but still not the low dip that we can sometimes see. I thought though, she still may do something as I rolled into bed.

Morning arrived and it was time to take care of morning chores (morning chore time has increased tremendously as you can imagine.) One of those chores was to take temperature’s on Oakley and Sage (our two remaining pregnant girls). And there it was, that significant drop in temperature that I had been waiting for for a week on Oakley. She was sure taking her sweet time this round.

I was hoping that meant she would have them that day. Usually after the significant temperature drop they will whelp within 8-12 hours.

Oh, how nice it is when a mom decides to deliver in the light of day!

I lined her crate with newspaper (it helps absorb the mess). She was restless throughout the day, digging and nesting in her crate. She wanted out frequently too. But that’s just Oakley. She absolutely loves being outdoors!

But hour after hour passed and nothing major was happening. I just had a restless dog on my hands and nothing else. Night came and everyone was tucked in bed for the night, me included on my nearby couch.

But of course as nature would have it, Oakley decided that nighttime was the best time to finally get down to business and show me what she had been hiding. Why let her human mom get much sleep?

And true to form, she was carrying three puppies in her little round belly. She just switched things up a bit this time. We have two beautiful blue merle pups; one boy, one girl, and a lovely tricolor boy also.

(The girl is on the right).

I couldn’t be happier with this beautiful litter of Aussaliers! (For those unfamiliar with the Aussalier it is a cross between a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and and Australian Shepherd. In Oakley’s case, it’s the toy-sized Aussie.

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7 Responses to New Year’s night

  1. Susan Redmond says:

    More beautiful Aussaliers! This is going to be a couple of fun months watching all these beautiful babies growing up! Thanks for the great entertainment!

  2. Didi Dame says:

    Gorgeous pups ! You need a trip to Hawaii after all that!!!

  3. Lindsey Rossman says:

    Beautiful!!! Congrats 🙂

  4. Mary Strasdin says:

    So cute!

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