The stair workout has started

I’d better firm up or loss weight now that I’ve started the stair-climbing exercises multiple times a day! (*reader scratches head…”What is she talking about?”)

Yep, we moved puppies again!

Last night the struggle was real. It was late already and I was tired, but I was determined to get everyone settled into their new homes before I quit for the day!

I fixed up three of the big puppy pens upstairs for Sage, Treasure and Mercy. Treasure and Mercy because they have the oldest pups and they are toddling around really well now. And Sage, because she is the biggest dog with the biggest litter.

Now, I don’t normally put a litter that’s not quite three weeks old yet into the largest puppy pen to start with, but the smaller pen wasn’t much bigger then the large crate they had been in. So instead of putting a crate in and a regular litter box, I lined the bottom of the pen with potty pads and put a bed in the corner for now. They are too young to get in and out of a crate yet especially if they get to far away from it.

In the other two larger puppy pens are Treasure and her pups and Mercy and her crew. They are mature enough to figure out how to get in and out of the crate and use the litter box. I had to improvise a bit with the litter boxes since the two UGOdog ones are downstairs in the smaller puppy pens. And at this age I want something that’s easy for them to get in/on and out/off of. So in one pen we have something similar to the UGOdog tray/grate system (excuse the ugliness of it, hubby used it to spray paint something on!) and a regular litter box with pellets but the side is cut down really low. In the next pen we have two of the small tray/grate systems. And after I took the pictures, I had hubby put up the temporary wire “wall” across from the crate to block off the back of the pen. I don’t want young puppies getting lost in the large space. Later we’ll take those out to give them more room.

Moving upstairs to their new home in a basket!

Once everyone was moved upstairs then it was time to clean out the small pens and move Oakley and Lucy into them. I realize that Lucy’s pups are the same age as Treasure and Mercy’s but since they are Poodles and smaller and more petite (and not moving around as much yet) I felt it was better that they stay in the smaller pen near the wood stove.

And Oakley got the other small pen since she has the smallest litter and makes frequent trips into the yard. (She is such an “outside” girl!) She spends as little time as possible inside. She takes care of the pups, feeds them then says, “Okay, let me out again!”

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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I love picturing their changes. If we lived closer I’d be your #1 helper. I need stair exercises!

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