I haven’t talked about the doghouse addition for a long time because nothing much has happened. But finally some more progress has been made. I finally have hot, running water in the dog house! *happy dance*

The tub has been installed for a while and water was plumbed in but there was no faucet so the tub was just being used as a place to store my garden hose after I filled the horse trough.

Hubby had been doing some research and talked with a friend who had experience with the tank-less water heaters. He finally figure out which one we needed and got it ordered. Then on the last couple trips to town he picked up the plumbing parts and was able to get everything hooked up and running.

When we originally planned the wash area in the dog house I was still grooming all the dogs myself. So now that I’ve got a groomer taking care of all the Poodles and Cavapoos it’s cut down my grooming requirements. But I’ll still be giving baths and grooming Cavaliers. Plus, the big bonus is I now have hot water to wash dog dishes and water buckets and mop the floor! I normally have to haul a five-gallon bucket of hot water clear from the laundry room if I want to mop the dog house. This is going to make my life easier when it comes to dog chores in the dog house! Yippee!

Can you believe someone could be so excited about hot, running water? 😉

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Any renovation or improvement in my home results in dances of glee, so I am so totally there with you! 😉

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