Bag raider!

I try to get puppy packets ready for each litter going home ahead of time. But most times, I’m finishing them the night before they leave which just makes for an even later night since it takes a while to do puppy baths also.

I was determined to do as much as I could this week so Saturday night would just be bathing and last minute paperwork from the vet visit to add in the bags. One problem with getting them ready ahead of time is where to keep the bags once they’re filled. Hubby found me a spot on the floor of our room out of the way and I neatly stacked them there.

The next evening he said, “Did you take the toys out of the bags?” What?! Why would I do that. I walked over to the bags and found something that looked like this…..

There in front of the bags was a neat pile of toys, a toothbrush, a dental chew, some poop bags and a clicker. What in the world?

I think I found the bag raider.

This is Scruffles. Doesn’t he look innocent? Scruffles is my “grand-dog” and one of our Cavapoos who belongs to my son and DIL who happen to be staying with us at the moment.

Scruffles mostly keep to himself or follows one of his “parents” around. But I did see him sneak into my room a few times the other day. (I didn’t think anything of it at the time). The only other dog that could’ve gone in and done something like this was Reba. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her. When she decides she wants a toy or toys, she will drag them all up onto the couch.

So thanks to Scruffles, my puppy packet work got back-tracked and I had more to do as I went through each bag and made sure all the items were in their proper place.

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  1. Cathy Husen says:

    So cute! Silly Scruffles 😃

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