Aussalier reminder

Just a reminder to our Aussalier people that this Sunday is Puppy Matching Day for Oakley’s puppies!

I added several new videos on our YouTube channel last night. I will try to add some more videos and pictures between now and then. Please check them out, put your thinking caps on and be ready for a phone call! (Especially is you’re towards the top of the list).

ezy watermark_11-08-2020_01-54-37pm

Indigo (male)

ezy watermark_11-08-2020_01-54-19pm

Navy (female)

ezy watermark_11-08-2020_01-53-59pm

Sable (female)

ezy watermark_11-08-2020_01-53-42pm

Azure (female)

These puppies are scheduled to go home Sunday,  September 13th so please make sure you are available to meet me in Spokane that morning before you make a commitment to a puppy. If you are matched with a puppy, the deposit needs to be sent asap for me to hold that puppy for you.

Talk soon!


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