Does anyone else need a day off? A day to rest, relax, recharge and not think about the everyday work and worries of the world? I sure do.

Totally was brutally busy.

It was time for a bunch of the dogs to have check-ups and updates on vaccinations. (thanks to covid we weren’t able to get in to see our doctor earlier when I wanted to because she was only taking emergencies). So I called her up to see if she was making farm calls.

Paying for the vet to come to your house (which we sometimes do with the large animals) is a “chunk of change” but when I figured how many trips it would take me to take everybody in that needed to get a check-up, it was worth her coming here. So weeks ago I booked an appointment and today was the day.

I’ve been busy the past week or two getting everybody up to date on their grooming, toenails trims, etc. (Yes, we do have a groomer that we use in town now but there are always one or two that miss that grooming time because they might be in heat, pregnant or nursing).

But even though everybody was groomed,  with all our country dirt (and this time of year it’s like talcum powder!) I really wanted everybody bathed before their exams too. So this morning, I worked my tail off (no pun intended) bathing dogs.

I wish I’d had my Fitbit on because I’m sure I walked more miles than usual as I carried dogs from the dog house to the tub, then to either the exercise pen on the grass or a crate to dry. Then back to the clean dog house to wait for the vet.

Once the doctor arrived we spent the afternoon doing dog vaccinations and exams. I’m so tired, but so glad that everybody is up to date on vaccinations and exams. (I even managed to corral our two barn kitties for their rabies vaccinations). They were all troopers!

And now, I’m going to go enjoy my Rest day. I hope you all have a chance to “turn” the world off for 24 hours and take a break too!

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  1. Cathy Husen says:

    Sounds like a well deserved rest! Enjoy.

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