Yesterday we got outside for some fresh air and exercise. It was a nice break. (I know, we live in the woods so we have (thankfully) lots of fresh air and nature around us already). But it was so nice to get out in a little different area with family and friends for a walk. Not far from our home is a park that has a nice walking path somewhat near the river. It was mostly enjoyable (except for the tiny, hungry mosquitoes!)

And it made a nice opportunity to take a couple of the dogs along for a bit of training/socializing.

Some of my puppy families had mentioned the K9 Sport Sack Trainer (the lower end model of all their backpacks) so I bought one. I ordered the extra small size since it said it holds up to 30 lbs and we would mostly be using it for puppies that we’d like to take out on hikes and socializing while they were small (and not completely vaccinated).

(She is riding higher only because he is holding onto the straps).

Okay, so now I’ll give me “review” of this carrier the first time using it. First off, I don’t know how in the world that a 30 lb dog could fit in this size. It will work well for puppies which was my intent, but Quinn is a big puppy. Right now she weighs about twelve pounds and I wondered if we would even get her in the sack. Thankfully, she easily fit, but still seemed heavy for this pack. The pack has no chest or waist strap to help hold it in place, so it seem the pup/dog is hanging heavily down low and not up near your shoulders like the pictures show. (Some of the other models do have a sternum strap which I would definitely order if I was getting another or recommending it). So even though I only carried the little chunk for a mile or two, my back was “talking” to me afterwards. Overall, I think it will be fine for older puppies that we are training and socializing. I would probably stick with this size for what we are using it for, but get the model with extra support straps.

And Cody got to go too. I’m embarrassed to say it was his first time on the leash. But after just  a couple of “bucks” (think rodeo puppy), he figured it out and walked along like an old pro. We had three wooden slated bridges to cross. He wasn’t so sure about the first one. I got down to his level just a little ahead of him and coaxed and encouraged him to take some steps onto the bridge. He trusted me and walked forward. Then it was lots of happy talking and encouraging as he made his way across. The second bridge went similarly, but by the time we got the bridge number three, he barely hesitated at the beginning and walked right across! Such a good boy!

It was a beautiful day to be out in the fresh air getting some exercise and spending time with the pups! <3

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3 Responses to Recreation

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    Thank you for sharing your day outside with the pups. Makes me want to get outside too.

  2. karen beaver says:

    interesting carrier – we had one that sat in the front which I think I would prefer for a smaller pup – would agree with you works for smaller but would want more support for a bigger dog.

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